Developer Advocate at Uploadcare

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We are looking for a creative, hands-on, and mission-focused Developer Advocate who will help us build and run our community and will be our voice in it.

Uploadcare gives companies simple, powerful, and developer-friendly building blocks to handle file uploading and delivery so they can free up resources to focus on innovation. We have built an all-in-one file handling solution that serves files faster than in-house-built solutions and traditional CDNs.

Your main responsibilities would be:
Strengthen Uploadcare’s relationship with developers by developing and launching the Uploadcare developer program;
Present in webinars and other public events to evangelize our product capabilities and value.
Build, widen, and manage community channels to encourage more community engagement with the intention of driving stronger product understanding, awareness, and education.
Create industry-related content in a wide variety of formats (blog posts, tutorials, guides, live streams, code examples, etc.) yourself and inspire our community members to do the same.
Spread the word about our great content and product updates by seeding content and news across relevant channels and communities;
Bring feedback from customers and the developer community through surveys, meetups, and other engagement methods to influence and drive product growth and strategy.
Work with marketing to help build effective messaging and amplify the message.

Your profile:
You are a developer. And “developer” to us is someone who solves problems with code.
You need 3+ years of experience writing code
Experience participating in technical/developer communities, open-source projects, and other developer community groups.
Great communication skills — you are good at building relationships and are easy to get along with.
You genuinely care about the wider developer community and about empowering them to build their best with our support.

Will be a strong advantage:
Proficient in creating DevRel content (videos, blogs, docs, dev demos).
Demonstrated experience as part of the Developer Relations team or a similar role (product evangelist, technical product marketing, technical pre-sales etc).
A strong presence in dev communities and a wide existing network.
Uploadcare’s core principles:

Nothing is de-facto. We challenge technology and opinions to build the most powerful product.
We’re laser-focused. We solve complex problems one step after another; it makes them easier and allows us to ship sooner and continually evolve our understanding.
Shipping is just the beginning. The sooner we ship, the sooner we get feedback on our assumptions and our solution to learn quickly if we have an impact. Shipping is just the first of many exciting steps.
Occam’s Razor. We believe that 1 elegant solution is always better than a swiss-army knife of 300 different features and tools. Smart is always better than complex.
Skill and imagination are the true merits of a person. We build a company with limitless opportunities to grow. We are owners; we are people who act as if it was their company, people who realize that, actually, it is their company.
This is a remote role, you can be located anywhere.