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We’re looking for deeply technical Developer Advocates with experience in data engineering, who has a passion for learning and teaching.

lakeFS is an atomic versioned data lake over an object storage. It is a cutting edge technology in the blue ocean of data versioning tools.
Imagine the development world before version control systems. This is where the data world is currently at. Data grows rapidly and so are the possibilities of using it. The costs associated with data consumption and management are also spriling, and pushing organizations to move from databases to object storages as their data lake. While object storage is cost effective and provides high throughput and a rich ecosystem of applications compatible with it, it is extremely hard to create resilient data pipelines and collaborate over the data. lakeFS provides the object storage a manageability layer with version control capabilities such as branching, committing, merging and using pre-commit and pre-merge hooks. This allows data engineers to manage the data lake in the safety they manage their code repository.

Treeverse is the company behind the open source project lakeFS. It was founded by data engineering professionals (Dr. Einat Orr and Oz Katz) with a long track record of innovating and delivering bleeding edge technology, and is backed by top tier investors (NVP, Zeev Ventures) .

Treeverse success depends on building trust and recognition with an ever-growing audience of data engineers. We’re building out our advocacy to drive awareness and adoption of our data engineering technologies.

We’re looking for deeply technical Developer Advocates with experience in data engineering, who has a passion for learning and teaching.

Build and steward lakeFS open source user community from scratch
Drive awareness of lakeFS by:
Positioning lakeFS as a technical leader by speaking at three to six industry events quarterly.
Write and deliver blog posts, tutorials and videos targeted at data engineers and other data practitioners.
Build data analysis and other examples of large scale data for demonstration and teaching purposes.
Use your creativity and imagination to build excitement around data engineering, technologies. We encourage new approaches and thought-provoking content.
Be a voice of the community in our product development process

You are a software developer with subject matter expertise in data engineering.
You are a solid communicator with experience writing about, teaching, or speaking about complex technical topics.
You have launched a developer product and grown a thriving community. Alternatively, you have solid intuition, passion and empathy for technical communities which leads us to believe that you’ll excel in doing this at Treeverse.

Competitive compensation and equity awards
Comprehensive benefits including
medical, dental, and vision coverage
401(k) Plan
Paid parental leave
Gym reimbursement
Annual personal development fund

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