Developer Advocate at Openbase

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As our first Developer Advocate, you'll report directly to the CEO. Your role will be to grow our community, build programs, create amazing content to educate developers, encourage users to become ambassadors, and raise awareness of Openbase across multiple channels.

Our mission is to help developers choose among millions of open-source packages, enabling them to build amazing products, faster. We are in expansion mode and looking for go-getters with an entrepreneurial spirit who thrive on small, fast-paced teams. You’ll work directly with the CEO, influence the product, roadmap, and culture. Join us on our journey to build a product that improves lives for millions of developers!

As our first Developer Advocate, you will report directly to the CEO and assist us in generating more engagement within the developer community. You’ll communicate with hundreds of developers, users, and non-users, to understand their pain points and inform our product roadmap. Grow the community, build programs, create amazing content to educate developers, encourage users to become ambassadors, and raise awareness of Openbase across multiple channels.

We’re looking for a driven self-starter who is passionate about what we do, thrives in a startup environment, loves communicating with developers, and has a proven track record of mobilizing them.

What you will be doing:
Connect with hundreds of developers to better understand any pain points they have with the Openbase product as well as the world of open-source libraries.
Produce amazing technical content to attract and educate: blog posts, guides, newsletter, tutorials, videos, and documentation within Openbase.
Find and create opportunities to spread awareness about Openbase: podcasts, interviews, guest posts, events, meetups, office hours, parties, contests, and more. Be our spokesperson.
Monitor platforms such as StackOverflow, GitHub, Reddit, and Twitter: educate developers looking for packages or package data on the capabilities of Openbase and how it can assist them.
Engage the developer community through all our social media channels - create a thriving community with thousands of followers.
Generate fresh ideas that effectively increase Openbase adoption within the developer community. Rank, test, and execute on these ideas.
Build community programs that will empower other people to spread the word about Openbase.
Work with internal teams to present your findings: driving our priorities, product, messaging, and marketing plan.

What we’re looking for:
Demonstrated experience engaging and mobilizing developers, either within a startup, or via clubs, meetups, or other communities.
2+ years’ of development experience in JavaScript
Passionate about educating and mentoring developers
Empathy and a proven ability to listen to people’s needs and pain points
Excellent written and verbal technical communication skills

Bonus points:
Additional development experience in other programming languages
Highly active in developer communities: StackOverflow, GitHub, DEV, Reddit, Twitter, etc.
Published technical content such as articles, guides, tutorials, and videos
Currently maintaining or contributing to an open-source project

Benefits + Perks
You'll have significant impact on the product, roadmap, and company culture. You'll solve interesting challenges using best-of-breed technologies, and have a significant impact on the product and roadmap. Competitive benefits package that includes unlimited PTO, comprehensive health & benefits package, cell phone reimbursement, wellness offerings, and a potentially life-changing stock options grant.