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Linode is seeking Developer Advocates (in a freelance or contractor capacity) to partner with our Marketing team who demonstrate initiative and passion for our products and can help inspire innovation in the world of cloud computing.

As an extended member of our team, you’ll have a chance to inform marketing strategy, lead developer engagement efforts, and help build our customer advocates and community.

Tasks will range from creating video/audio and written content for the web to supporting our developer community program and planning new development initiatives based on customer feedback. We value mentorship, collaboration, and applying standard methodologies within software development. Because our core technologies are Linux based, we’re looking for developers with strong familiarity with Linux systems.

We're a highly collaborative team with a focus on agile development and innovative solutions. We encourage and reward curiosity, ingenuity, and technical skill. If you enjoy working on ambitious projects that have a huge impact, you'll enjoy working at Linode!

You don’t have to have proficiency with all of these, but we expect some experience with some of them and an interest to learn others.
- Kubernetes, Docker, CoreOS
- SaltStack, Ansible, Puppet, Chef or the like
- Python, Go, C, Ruby
- Git, Jenkins, Travis

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