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You will be the first member of a new team at Telnyx whose mission is to catalyze the network of developers who will build the future of communications. Developer advocates inspire and equip developers by going to the language-centric communities where developers gather. Developer advocates challenge and empower developers by crafting world-class docs and training. You will introduce developers to Telnyx, help them get their projects shipped, build strong end enduring friendships with them and help them take the spotlight.

You will help us inspire and equip developers to fuel the future of communications. You'll be an active and authentic participant in the web developer community wherever they gather online and offline. For many of those developers, you will be "the face" of Telnyx -- the person they ping when they need help. They will feel like VIPs because they know you. And when someone who works at Telnyx needs to talk to that language community, they'll come to you.

No matter where you're based or which team you work on, you’ll be part of a group of people working together to build solutions to mission-critical problems and a company that values the very best ideas. People rely on our products to communicate daily, which means they rely on us to build things with a high degree of resiliency and reliability.

In This Role You Will:
Create content that breaks down the complex into the understandable.
You'll tell stories with code, equipping developers with knowledge of tools and techniques, including but not limited to Telnyx, that makes them better at their craft.
Advanced communication skills, being able to share your opinion about different programming languages.
Understand that there are oftentimes smarter folks in the room and you're eager to learn from them.
Lead others, helping to create experiences that inspire developers to build amazing things.
Teach others, understanding that it sometimes requires much patience, but are driven by the immense satisfaction of seeing the light bulb go off in your students' heads.

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