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With the acquisition of Realm last year, MongoDB added mobile development support to its data platform. Your job is to bring alive that platform for developers by demonstrating Realm's ability to dramatically increase developer productivity.

You will be working with a team of developer advocates who are all focussed on making the Realm platform successful. With the Realm engineering team primarily based in Copenhagen Denmark, we are primarily looking for candidates who are based in Europe but will consider strong candidates from anywhere in the world.

There are four components to the job of developer advocate in MongoDB:

Learning: learn the MongoDB Realm platform and how it is used by our developers, what they use it for, what tool chain they use.
Production: Take what you have learned and create demo apps, videos, twitch streams, github repos, decks and podcasts.
Distribution: Get the content you have produced in front of the developer community via YouTube our developer hub, developer websites and conferences.
Analysis: How did we perform, did we reach our goals, how can we improve.

Primary degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
Excellent Mobile development experience on Android or iOS, preferably both, and ideally with previously released applications on the App store or Google Play.
Strong databases skills (SQL or NoSQL)
Deep understanding of the terminology, concepts and best practices for coding mobile apps
Experience with APIs and other mobile frameworks
Excellent technical writing skills,
5 years experience of product and software development
Knowledge of at least two major mobile programming languages - e.g. Swift, Java, Kotlin, Objective C, React Native
The ability to present both in person and on-camera
You will be expected to deliver a presentation as part of the interview process.

We can fill this position in Europe or North America.

*MongoDB is an equal opportunities employer*

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