Community Manager at Commsor

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As our Community Manager, you'll be the go-to person in each of our primary community spaces.

Our community of community professionals exists as a space for folks in the community world to get the support they need throughout their journey, and everything we do is in service of helping individuals and the industry at large. We only publish content, host events, and launch programs that we believe will benefit our community members first. As Community Manager, you will be the daily face of Commsor/The Community Club and will be responsible for building relationships and making connections between members. There is plenty of room for flexibility and growth in this role; to a large degree, you can make it what you want. You'll work in close partnership with our Community Events Manager, Web3 Community Manager, Content Creator, and CCO.

What you'll do at Commsor

Good old Community Management:
Manage the day-to-day for the primary Community Club community spaces (Slack, Forem)
Refine and execute on our engagement strategy
Assess existing policies and practices and suggest (and implement) any updates
Get to know everyone! Be a connector for people in the community
Program management:

Assist with existing programs (mentorship, book club, etc)
Research areas of opportunity for new programs

Use our community as a test bed for engagement techniques and write about it for our community of community professionals
Here's what we're looking for
🧠 Curiosity

There is a lot of freedom to play in this role, and the ideal candidate will take full advantage of that. Yes, there will be day-to-day responsibilities that are a priority, but they'll use their experience and expertise to test out theories and be creative.

✨ Highly organized; great at managing multiple workflows

With many programs and initiatives comes the need to be able to context switch and stay on top of many moving parts. They'll be strategic about what to prioritize and what to ignore. The best candidates will most likely be those who enjoy a varied workflow.

📈 Data-augmented

The ideal candidate for this role has a testing mindset that they'll apply to all they do. They'll use data to help inform their decisions. They'll have a knack for taking data in context, always integrating insights with people-driven research and the big picture.

🖼️ Big picture, growth-oriented

We have a number of community initiatives that live under the Community Club umbrella, and there are always areas for exploring new opportunities and refining existing programming. Whoever is in this role should be able to think about the big picture of our community ecosystem and help inform how each program ties together and impacts others.

What's required
We're more interested in hiring candidates who can express how the skills they've learned transfer to this role than hiring for any particular job title in your history. We are open to various levels of experience and are willing to train the right person. That said, you'll stand out if you have background with:

2-4 years of online community management experience
Project or program management
Published thought leadership pieces