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We're hiring our first community manager at Circle. But, this isn't your average community role. 🤓
Circle is building the modern community platform for every creator and brand in the world: think "Shopify for creator/brand-led communities". We make it really easy for creators and brands to bring their discussions, membership and content all into one place.

The TLDR: You'll be building out our community + helping our community builders succeed.

Some of your responsibilities would include things like...

Create a high-touch onboarding experience for new community members. You'll build systems to ensure that each new member immediately gets value from the community. For instance, during onboarding we may have a questionnaire to gather information that we can use to make sure they get what they need from the community.
Deliver and coordinate ongoing education around community building:
Organize expert Q&As, coaching calls, sessions for members to show-off their communities, and deep dives on community building topics.
Highlight examples of different Circle use-cases (i.e. microschools, memberships, etc.)
Maintain a calendar/schedule and healthy cadence of content.
Create processes for generating case-studies from community members and sharing them with the community. (In all formats, text, posts, videos, Q&As, etc.)
Show everyone how to best use Circle, the product. Organize fun, lively discussions, events, webinars, and case studies around using the product.
Maintain a CRM of the members in the Circle community so that we can better serve them. Specific examples could include things like making relevant introductions, ensuring they know about educational content in the community that’s a good fit for them, providing opportunities to connect them w/ other collaborators/partners/etc.
Be an advocate for the community with Circle. Collaborate with Product, Customer Support, and Marketing on new product updates and feature announcements
Be present and available for our community members. Generally, just be highly responsive and available to community members. As an example, make sure all posts and comments receive multiple, high-quality replies, in a timely manner.
Lead and synthesize lessons about community building for our customer community. Our customers are community-builders themselves. And they look to us for guidance on best-practices.
Work with the Circle co-founders to define KPIs for the Circle community. Specifically, what success is and how it should be measured.

Who we're looking for
Well — hopefully, it's you!

You've built some type of an online community before.
You have experience teaching online (or in person.) This could include delivering webinars, live presentations, coaching, creating courses, writing. And you've helped people get some type of results.
You're familiar with online community tools (even better if you've played with Circle!) Or, you're comfortable learning them quickly.
You have excellent writing skills. A large part of this role will be about communicating, both in the community and within our team here at Circle.
You've managed a content calendar before. And been on a regular schedule of creating content.

If you're on the fence about applying, we suggest you apply. The best community leaders come from all types of backgrounds and often have less traditional paths. Here's are a few examples of experiences that could be useful in this role:

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